Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Last Princess of IRAQ

(c) copyright Wafaa' Mahmood, 2008
Princess Badeea with her son, Asharif Mohammed^

By Wafaa' Mahmood

Born in Syria in 1920, Badeea Ali Hussein al-Hashimi* is the last surviving princess of IRAQ. She has been living in London for three decades.

Princess Badeea came with her family to Iraq in 1927 and left it in 1958 after hiding for one month following the July 14 revolution. King Faisal I was her uncle and Prince Abdul Ilah (who was killed in the 1958 revolution with PM Nouri Saeed and King Faisal II) was her brother. She has three sons, the eldest is Mohammed (appearing in the picture), the middle is Abdul Ilah and the youngest is Asharif Ali bin Hussein who campaigned to claim his right for the thrown following the fall of Baghdad in 2003.

Part of the interview purpose was to inquire about issues pertaining King Ghazi (1912-1939), but after she criticized him as a man with bad drinking habits, who was a womanizer and irrational, and after seeing how she sobbed every time her murdered brother was mentioned, I decided to focus on her memories from a social and not political angle.

I thank retired colonel Ali Hussein al-Jasim for his appreciated efforts to introduce me to Princess Badeea and for arranging a meeting with her at her flat in London on July 23, 08. I have video recorded a short interview with the Princess and look forward to release it by January 2009.

I am hoping to interview any of King Ghazi's surviving nephews, nieces, cousins and other relatives from his mother's side. It is imperative for truth sake, setting the records straight, to also interview surviving personalities who worked with or befriended the King. PLEASE encourage those who knew the King personally to contact me at 


^Asharif Mohammed bin Hussein al-Hashimy

* In documentation, her name often appears as Princess Badeea bint (daughter of) King Ali bin Hussein al-Hashimy.

Note 1: Asharif means 'honorable'
Note 2: I found nothing written in English about Princess Badeea on the Internet.